Sweetie Pie Andre Death – Truth About Cause Of Death? Obituary

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Sweetie Pie Andre Death – MADISON COUNTY, Miss. (KMOV.com) – James Timothy Norman, who claimed a Sweetie Pie’s eatery in Mississippi, has been captured on government connivance charges in a supposed homicide for-recruit plot in the passing of his nephew, Andre Montgomery.

Andre Montgomery, grandson of unique Sweetie Pie’s proprietor Robbie Montgomery, was shot and murdered close to Fairground Park on March 14, 2016.

Norman has been accused of trick to utilize a cellphone in the “commission” of a homicide for-recruit that brought about death. Charging archives state Norman took out a $450,000 life coverage strategy on his nephew in 2014 and Norman was the sole recipient.

Terica Ellis is additionally being charged in the connivance. Norman is blamed for planning with Ellis utilizing burner telephones for the murdering.

In 2016, Andre’s grandma disclosed to News 4 that “somebody called my grandson on his wireless when he was in the chronicle studio. He headed outside, at that point somebody shot him multiple times. They got his telephone! Wouldn’t they be able to follow his telephone?”

As indicated by charging reports, Ellis and Norman both ventured out to St. Louis and were there on March 14, 2016. Ellis revealed to Andre she was going to the city and in the end realized where Andre was. When she realized that data, government operators said Ellis called Norman.

Around 8 p.m. Andre Montgomery was shot and slaughtered. Charging archives said Ellis’ telephone put her in the region of the taking shots simultaneously. After the shooting, government operators said Ellis and Norman left St. Louis and gone to Memphis, Tennessee.

On March 21, 2016, Norman reached the insurance agency about gathering the extra security.

Norman is in authority in Mississippi on a charge of trick to utilize interstate business offices in commission of homicide for-recruit bringing about death. Ellis faces a similar charge.

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