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Steven Hiott Obituary – The resigned Charleston County cop’s contemplations followed off for a second. Giants was one of a few previous law requirement faculty and nearby lawmakers present at a devotion service Friday naming a segment of S.C. Roadway 165 in Hollywood after Steven Buist Hiott Jr., a district cop who was lethally shot while making a traffic stop 34 years back. 

Giants recalled that night:

  • How he showed up on the scene,
  • how he helped get his companion’s dead body and spot him on the cot,
  • how he drove his companion’s watch vehicle back to the station before returning to help with the presume search 

“It’s even hard today,” he said. “Individuals preferred him. They regarded him.” 

On Oct. 29, 1982, around 1 a.m., Hiott, 31, and Patrolman Michael O’Connell, 34, were working a traffic stop at a relinquished corner store at Highways 162 165 in Hollywood. They accepted a man associated with taking lager from a close-by accommodation store was inside the vehicle.

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