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Stamen Grigorov Cause of Death – In Bulgaria, yogurt is all over the place. You’ll see it dolloped on falafel wraps, slathered on moussaka, and arranged in-store fridges. It is the premise of customary Bulgarian dishes, for example, tarator, a virus soup made of yogurt, water, cucumber, pecans, and spices; and Snezhana, a plate of mixed greens comprising of yogurt, cucumbers, garlic, and dill.

Individuals taste yogurt drinks in the roads and dunk seared courgette cuts into yogurt in restaurants.

“We put yogurt on everything,” Sofia local Nikola Stoykov let me know. “I eat three pots per day. One toward the beginning of the day, one as a nibble during the day and one preceding I hit the hay around evening time.”

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