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Simpsons Trumps Death – The Simpsons didn’t anticipate the demise of Donald Trump, in spite of cases that have circulated around the web on Twitter.

Various tweets have asserted that a scene of The Simpsons anticipated that Trump would pass on 27 August 2020. A large number of the tweets likewise highlight a doctored picture of an energized Trump lying in a casket, and attracted to seem as though it was sourced from a Simpsons scene.

The bogus cases originate from a TikTok video distributed in June that is intended to mock paranoid fears. In it, a young lady proposes that those reviews the video has been “picked” and that they have to “recollect the date August 27th – it is significant”.

This mysteriously transformed into claims that Trump would pass on 27 August, and that The Simpsons had anticipated that his demise would happen.

Various Twitter clients keep on getting some information about the phony story. “okayokay so I recently heard that the Simpsons anticipated that Donald trump will kick the bucket tomorrow?” kept in touch with one client.

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