Siegfried And Roy Death – Siegfried & Roy animal handler alleges 15-year cover-up in tiger attack |

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Siegfried And Roy Death – ‘I am positive that Roy’s reducing relationship with Mantacore was a critical factor in the assault,” the controller says.

Right around 16 years after a tiger almost executed Roy Horn , creature controller Chris Lawrence is ending his quiet about the episode.

Story proceeds beneath On October 3, 2003, a 400-lb white tiger named Mantacore nibbled and held Horn in his mouth, causing monstrous blood misfortune prompting a stroke for the entertainer. Lawrence, who was utilized by Horn and accomplice Siegfried Fischbacher as a creature overseer and coach, was in front of an audience during the assault. Presently, talking with The Hollywood Reporter, Lawrence says the subtleties delivered to the general population have been distorted to keep up Horn’s charging as somebody who has a “powerful” association with the wild creatures.

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