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Richard Valenti Obituary – Richard Valenti (55), otherwise called Vinney or Richie, died startlingly a month ago. He kicked the bucket calmly in his seat with his canine sitting persistently close by.

Typically nothing Rich did was quiet. He dashed fly skis, trailblazing bicycles, engine cycles, and even began motocross at age 55. He carried on with an existence with the maxim “Pull out all the stops or Go Home!”.

He has traversed the globe counseling in the oil designing field, and he said America is the best and just spot he would live.

At family social occasions he would in general relocate to the nieces and nephews whom he cherished to such an extent. He would much preferably be with the children over the grown-ups.

Rhich was a companion to all. He could meet total outsiders and make companions. He would give the shirt away from of him to any individual who required assistance and he did it frequently.

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