Rachel Anderson Missing Idaho – What Happened with Rachel Anderson ?

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Rachel Anderson Missing Idaho – Moscow, Idaho : Mother of two, Rachel Anderson was most recently seen on April 16, 2010 and was never heard from again. Report says the vanishing of Anderson was accounted for by her two girls. The report came after her children had hung tight for her to get back after working all day and she didn’t appear.

The quest for missing Anderson turned into a secret on April after her “acquired vehicle, a white 1997 GMC Yukon,” was found at a Dynamart station in Lewiston, Idaho, close to the Greyhound bus stop yet she wasn’t inside.

Her properties; a cell and handbag were inside the vehicle with tag number 1l 93131. Her vanishing came after she document “numerous” grievances to specialists about being marked and pestered by her obscure person.

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