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Philip Kreycik Missing – Philip Kreycik missing in Bay Area, volunteers expected to assist with search

Philip Kreycik disappeared early afternoon on Saturday. He went for what should be a brief run and didn’t get back to his vehicle. Sound Area volunteers with climbing experience are expected to assist with the pursuit. A few area police and search and salvage offices are included.

The principal entire day of looking is going to wrap up, yet given he isn’t discovered around evening time, another round of searches will start tomorrow (Monday) morning. In the event that you are in the Bay Area and could assist with the hunt, his loved ones would be hugely thankful.

What to bring: Please see the point-by-point list below accommodatingly arranged by volunteer Christy Bentivoglio.

Keith and Chris went about as go-to people for volunteers today and will keep on doing so tomorrow. On the off chance that they don’t quickly answer their telephones, text them and they will get back to you.

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