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Peter Macari Death – “Call me Mr. Brown,” the man stated, like he was in a phone call, not making a bomb danger.

Qantas flight 755 from Sydney to Hong Kong was conveying a dangerous, he cautioned. Also, it was set to explode as the plane came into land.

In the event that that seems like a plot tore directly from a kitschy Hollywood film, that is presumably in light of the fact that it is.

It’s the overwhelming story of Australia’s incredible plane burglary — one of the country’s most baldfaced aeronautics heists, resulting from avarice and fixed by sheer idiocy.

What began with an opportunity rerun of the film Doomsday Flight inside a kitted-out van in Townsville approximately 48 years prior would unyieldingly get underway a chain of occasions that finished in the coercion of a large portion of a million dollars — and left the country speechless.

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