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Paige Hilken Death – The spouse of Pastor Christopher Hilken of North Coast Church, Paige Hilken died at the simple age of 27 in San Deigo in California, leaving behind her 5 minor children and husband. The downfall information on Paige came as a stunning snippet of data for everybody particularly for her family, companions, and her actual adherents.

As of now, no authority articulation has been delivered from the side of Chris nor from the side of the concerned specialists uncovering the reason for Paige’s demise, yet her passing has broken the core of many.

The sacred and strict spouse and a genuine fan of Jesus left the world everlastingly and as an inconceivable strict force to be reckoned with, Paige will consistently stay in her souls.

Paige Hilken Death Reason

The 27-year old Paige was brought into the world in Northern Califonia and did her graduation from Concordia University, arranged in Irvine city, California. The school offers instruction for clerics, otherworldly training educators, and Christian school authorities.

Paige wedded Chris Hilkin at the energetic age of 19 when he, at the end of the day, was 24, and aside from being a dedicated strict spouse, she likewise functioned as an online media force to be reckoned with and maintained an independent venture called, Hilekn Homemades, the target of which was to offer custom made solutions for various reason.

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