Michael Lucey New Albany – killed in Genoa Township crash,

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Michael Lucey New Albany – New Albany High School head Ken Kraemer said Michael Lucey passed on because of the accident. 

A New Albany High School senior was killed in an accident in Genoa Township late Sunday night, and four different adolescents were harmed. 

Genoa Township police said officials were called to the 5500 square of Red Bank Road, south of Center Village Road, around 11:30 p.m. 

At the point when officials showed up, they found an SUV that had turned over different occasions. The five secondary school seniors, each of the 17 years of age, were inside the SUV. 

Police said two of them were taken to the emergency clinic in essential condition and three were treated for wounds going from minor to genuine. 

Michael Lucey passed on early Monday morning because of the accident; his mom told 10TV. 

Lindsay Harris says it is clear her child was “cherished by many.” She said she’d gotten calls the entire day from individuals who knew her child from the ball, Boy Scouts and school.

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