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Mark Satkiewicz Death – SBT GRVL fellow benefactor Mark Satkiewicz passed on of suspected cardiovascular causes while on a bicycle ride close to his home in Steamboat Springs, Colorado Saturday. He was 52.

Satkiewicz and colleagues Amy Charity and Ken Benesh propelled the SBT GRVL bicycle race in 2019, and the occasion was a wild accomplishment in its debut version, selling out in excess of 1,000 spots. It was dropped for this present year due to the coronavirus pandemic, yet Charity says that Satkiewicz was never bothered by the difficulties of rotating to virtual, or getting ready for what’s to come.

“I’ve never been around somebody more determined with a dream of where he was going and how to arrive,” she said.

At the point when it was propelled, SBT GRVL flaunted a dream that may have seen like an unrealistic fantasy to a few — a gigantic money tote, equality among the genders, selling out in its first year — yet not to the individuals who knew Satkiewicz well.

“Imprint was continually pushing ahead, with a zeal and energy that could on occasion be amazement initiating,” said companion Bernie Doering, senior VP of deals and advertising for Stages Cycling.

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