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Mark Friesen Saskatoon – Passed Away! Presently partaking in the achievement of Jannecke’s single, Cowboy. Ordinary airplay all through Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan! The single, Cowboy, was composed by the astounding Carson Chamberlain and Billy Currington. It was recorded in Nashville at The Tracking Room and Blackbird Studios. Created by Jeff Huskins, designed by Zach Allen.

The business’ top performers were united for this venture: Ed Bayers Jr. on drums, Scott Sanders on steel, James Mitchell on lead guitar, John D. Willis on Banjo/Mando, Jason Webb on piano/keys, Jimmy Carter in Bass, and Andy Leftwich on Fiddle. Check out her different tracks on her EP – “The Back Row” , a country ditty indeed, composed by the incomparable Leslie Satcher and Joining her on vocals, America’s most recorded performer with an astounding sound, Wes Hightower!

“Daddy’s Old Records”, a mid-beat diddy composed by Leslie Satcher

We are by and by on the chase after a male/female two part harmony tune. Demos can be shipped off the above email address.

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