Maribel Ramos Cause of Death – Who Killed Maribel Ramos?

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Maribel Ramos Cause of Death

How Did Maribel Ramos Die?

Maribel Ramos was a 36-year old Iraq War veteran. At the hour of her downfall, she was selected as an understudy at Cal State Fullerton and was contemplating criminal equity. On May 2, 2013, she was seen once and for all on security film when she went to drop a lease check for her living arrangement in Orange. The following day, she was accounted for missing by her family after her nonattendance was noted at a few occasions in Santa Ana.

That day, Maribel had gotten into a contention with her flat mate about the lease. Her beau, Paul Lopez, was likewise aware of this contest. Strikingly, on April 23, Maribel had called 911 expressing that she was amazingly scared and laid down with a blade for security after a contention with a similar flat mate. Later on, in May, her disintegrating body was found in Modjeska Canyon in the Santa Ana Mountains. Spiked metal was available on the scene, and her reason for death was never decided in light of how rotted her cadaver was. Truth be told, agents required dental records to affirm her character in the absolute ahead of all comers.

Who Killed Maribel Ramos?

The then 55-year-old Kwang Choi “K.C.” Joy was sentenced for killing Maribel Ramos. After the warmed discussion between the flat mates, Maribel had requested that Joy leave the loft since he was unable to stand to pay the lease. Investigators claimed this is the point at which the homicide happened. In addition, they additionally guaranteed that Joy was enamored with the perished, yet she had not responded those emotions. Obviously, Joy had gotten medical procedure to make his eyes look more youthful, and had paid for a journey for the them two.

Orange County Deputy District Attorney Scott Simmons stated, “I don’t have the foggiest idea what it was, yet he accomplished something that caused her extraordinary dread.” It was likewise expressed that the understudy was drinking that night and that she was inclined to suspicion. Moreover, she was self-destructive and could likewise have conceivably kicked the bucket of an ailment. However, Simmons additionally asserted that she was terrified by something Joy did that night. In court, his lawyer, Adam Vining, contended that Joy had nothing to do with her death and that he had just uprooted Maribel’s as of now dead body.

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