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Lavena johanson death

My wife Linda and I both worked together in the Department of Army and we had five children our first daughter name is levena.  levena was a disciplined child. levena being the first daughter I think she felt that you knew my history we took care of her all these years and now she is having trouble. When lavena’s father saw the dead body of daughter immediately he decided that he must investigate about the death of Lavena. For me to pay for college I thought I would help her and make my own money and she said I want to go into the army and she was 6 weeks old she called home almost every day and she our last conversation with her was on July 17. She said that I think I will go home by Christmas. She said don’t start decorating the tree until she comes home.

 On the morning of July 19, when our house bell rang, we saw a soldier stepping inside our house and telling us that we have been informed that today levena have been martyred in battle and their bodies have been recovered from us. An army soldier said Levena had committed suicide. Hearing all this, my feet stumbled on the ground and I fell. An army soldier said Levena had committed suicide Hearing all this, my feet stumbled on the ground and I fell because I was shocked to hear all news. I asked her on what grounds could you say that my daughter had committed suicide.

 “According to the investigation, we have received this information,” he said the army blamed Levena’s death on suicide. Levena’s father was suspicious and when he saw his daughter’s body in the funeral home, he decided to investigate on his own. According to reports, the army initially refused to give all the information to Lavena’s father but in the end, Rep.

William Lacey Clay, Jr. did so under the post-independence Information Act. The congressional hearing on Peter Tillman’s death also raised a number of questions. According to the re-investigation report and photographs, it is known that his nose was broken, his eyes were broken and his teeth were broken and his body parts were burnt with chemicals and his body was shot. The report showed that it was not a suicide but a premeditated murder. It was very shocked news for family and friends. Lavena’s father said that “my daughter was much disciplined child “.The all family members are very sad to listen the news of Lavena’s death.

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