Kenley Jansen Death Threats – Dodgers’ Kenley Jansen reverts to a question mark with Game 4 loss |

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Kenley Jansen Death Threats – The Dodgers thought they had the ninth inning illuminated. They thought they had Kenley Jansen fixed. They figured Clayton Kershaw would pitch for a World Series title on Sunday.

On the off chance that there is an all the more horrendous route for the Dodgers to discover they weren’t right multiple times over, it would be ideal if you save them the torment.

The Jansen of old would have fueled through the ninth inning Saturday, given a one-run lead with no compelling reason to confront the core of the contradicting batting request. The Jansen of 2020 got one strikeout, at that point neglected to resign three of the following four players.

There would be no other hitter. The Tampa Bay Rays strolled off, dominating Game 4 of the World Series on a wacky play that will live everlastingly in the legend of the Fall Classic.

Jansen strolled off as well, shadowed by the worries that he and the Dodgers thought had been smothered. He has returned from a shout highlight a question mark.

The World Series is unexpectedly a best-of-three, with the Rays’ main three starters arranged for those three games and the Dodgers compelled to cobble a warm up area game in Game 6.

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