Katy Textor Death – CBS ’60 Minutes’ Producer For Morley Safer Was 45

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Katy Textor Death – Maker Katherine “Katy” Textor, who teamed up with Morley Safer on virtually the entirety of his reports over his last a long time on an hour, kicked the bucket of disease Friday at New York-Presbyterian Hospital in Manhattan. She was 45 and her passing was accounted for by CBS.

Textor came to CBS News in 2003 from ABC News, where she was a White House maker, a political journalist on the Bush-Gore 2000 official race, and worked for the narrative unit. She started working with Safer at an hour in 2004.

Textor was recollected by associates for her devotion to Safer and his work that helped keep the incredible journalist broadcasting in real-time until half a month prior to his demise. Over a 12-year time span with Safer, she created profiles, highlights, and examinations.

The greatest news-producer among those accounts was the eagerly awaited first meeting with Ruth Madoff in 2011. Almost 19 million individuals viewed the spouse of Ponzi rogue Bernard Madoff disclose to Safer she knew nothing about her better half’s long and expound multi-billion-dollar extortion. As Textor glanced on in the meeting, Madoff said she and her significant other endeavored self-destruction with drugs.

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