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Kamala Harris Death Row – Majority rule Sen. Kamala D. Harris’ record on the death penalty may best be perceived in three unmistakable sections, yet on the discussion stage in Detroit on Wednesday, Rep. Tulsi Gabbard (D-Hawaii) figured out how to distill it down to one gnawing answer.

“The individuals who endured under your rule as an investigator, you owe them a conciliatory sentiment,” she told Harris, the previous lawyer general of California.

Gabbard singled out Harris’ position on capital punishment, blaming her for keeping “blameless individuals” waiting for capital punishment and saying she “impeded proof” that might have helped them. The strained trade enlightened a convoluted bit of Harris’ record as an examiner that has drawn analysis from the two sides of the path, with some focusing on her refusal to look for capital punishment in the executing of a cop, and others assaulting her choice to guard California’s capital punishment from a statewide lawful test.

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