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Judy Garland Death Cause – Judy Garland Death Cause Being Sought! Scotland Yard pathologists directed a dissection today on Judy Garland to decide the reason for the death of the artist who discovered torture, despondency, and forlornness over * the rainbow, and passing Sunday on her restroom floor. Scotland Yard denied remark on a London paper report Miss Garland was thought to have gotten 100 dozing pills from a nearby pharmacist Saturday.

The paper Evening News said a container containing 50 pills was found close to her body however didn’t recognize the pills. Police stated, “A few tablets were taken from the house.”

While specialists started their clinical tests today a singular fan remained in the downpour outside her London home, gripping the sheet music of “Someplace Over the Rainbow” in a quiet accolade for the Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz who passed on at 47 years old. Scotland Yard previously had precluded unfairness—the body was plain—and governed at first the abrupt passing was from regular causes, perhaps welcomed on from the cirrhosis of the liver from which she had endured and with which she lived on re-appropriated time.

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