Jay Justice Obituary – Passed Away!

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Jay Justice Obituary – Joseph “Jay” Bruce Justice, Jr., age 75, of Atlanta, GA, died on October 4, 2021. He was brought into the world on June 16, 1946 in Clayton, NJ to Bruce and Inez (Silver) Justice. Jay was an educator of science at Emory University from 1975 to 2008 and was noted for his academic work at the convergence of bioanalytical science and neuroscience. He handily applied his insight into scientific science to additional our comprehension of neuroscience, brain research, and conduct.

Regardless of anything else, Jay was an unassuming, kind, patient, and legitimate individual who thought before he talked and had a wry funny bone. He sought after a deep rooted energy for photography filling in as the President of the Atlanta Photographic Society. He is made due by his sister Jane and her better half Paul Tittel and was gone before in death by his sibling Mitch Justice.

His two youngsters and four grandkids dwell in Atlanta; Daughter, Lauren, with her significant other Ward Bradshaw and children Quinton and Eva and child, Nicholas, with Carissa Justice and children Arlo and Wilder. Jay leaves behind an inheritance through his understudies, family, and companions who encountered an awesome teacher and individual in idea and activity.

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