Jaanuu face mask reviews – is this safe to buy?

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Jaanuu face mask reviews  – As we as a whole realize that the world we live in today isn’t the equivalent since the WHO have proclaimed the COVID-19 to be a pandemic. Also, the new standards suggest wearing a face cover.

Are Jaanuu mask acceptable?

– Jaanuu mask are not a trade for clinical evaluation defensive hardware, and ought not be utilized instead of other prescribed measures to hinder the spread of COVID-19. If you don’t mind keep on following CDC rules, practice social separating, hand-washing, abstain from contacting your face, and obey cover at-home requests.

I figured I would attempt the Reusable Antimicrobial Face Mask by Jaanuu, principally in light of the fact that it’s an organization that makes scours. And furthermore in light of the fact that I thought the antimicrobial innovation was truly cool.

I’ve had the mask  for around fourteen days now, so I figured I ought to compose an audit.


This cover is sold in a lot of five for $25, and arrives in an assortment of some intriguing hues. I got 1 pack in the grown-up size, however they additionally have a littler form of the Face veil for kids.

Where are Jaanuu mask fabricated?


After getting them, I was intrigued by the nature of them however was stunned to see that they are made in Vietnam!!


They guarantee that the outside is made with a delicate scour texture rewarded with silvadur antimicrobial innovation. This kind of texture treatment ought to forestall microscopic organisms and shape to frame on the texture. These face covers are not proposed to give antiviral assurance. The Jaanuu face mask have not been affirmed by the US FDA.

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Who owns  Jaanuu Scrubs?

Shaan Sethi

“With such a transcendent gathering of financial specialists close by, we have most likely that Jaanuu will keep on ascending as the biggest and quickest developing online business organization in the $10 billion clinical attire space,” Shaan Sethi, fellow benefactor and CEO of Jaanuu, said in an announcement.

I don’t claim any cleans by Jaanuu, yet on the off chance that you know about scours all in all the outside feels precisely like cleans. Within is fixed with a cotton texture, which is overall quite delicate on the skin.

The ear circles are very short yet it works with the state of the cover. The texture closes nearer to your ears, which makes little no strain to the ear. At the end of the day the ear circles fits serenely. I trust it bodes well.


The veil fits pleasantly on the face. Not very free, not to tight.

I wear glasses, and the issue I regularly have with careful veil is that my glasses hazes up each time I breathe out. I know its really irritating. In any case, I don’t have that issue with this cover. (I am mindful that these cover don’t fill a similar need.)

Presently lets get into what’s extremely significant


I realize wearing a cover should feel great. I had to wear a N95 for an all-inclusive timeframe as an understudy yet that is another story.

The absolute first time I wore Jaanuu face veil it was incredibly difficult to relax. Each time I breathe in the veil just comes in as though it was coming in alongside the air. So it was hard to breath in this veil. In any case, after, it was minimal simpler to inhale the second time I wore the jaanuu reusable face cover. I don’t know of what had the effect.


  • Sensible cost
  • Various hues and examples
  • Two layers of texture
  • Agreeable fit
  • Antimicrobial innovation
  • Reusable


  • Hard to breath with
  • Not FDA affirmed


I’m not a specialist, however I imagine that including a material that would add more structure to the cover. Something that would enable the veil to keep a specific shape. It would help with the breathing issue.


The Jaanuu reusable antimicrobial face veil is a decent cover for its class.

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