Is Steven Ogg Dead – Steven Ogg: The actor behind Trevor Phillips in GTA V!

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Is Steven Ogg Dead – Trevor Philips is a Canadian character in the HD Universe who shows up as one of the heroes in Grand Theft Auto V and as a principle character in Grand Theft Auto Online.

Steven Ogg is the entertainer behind Trevor Phillips in GTA V and brought one of the most famous characters to life.

His extraordinary exhibition as the unhinged Trevor has collected a great deal of basic praise for the entertainer.

Trevor Phillips, conceivably the most famous character from GTA V, has been the subject of numerous video expositions, articles, and caught fans’ creative mind the most. His brazen enthusiasm for brutality, decimation, commotion and complete genuineness with respect to his inclination is one of the most intriguing parts of GTA V.

To rejuvenate a character like Trevor Phillips must be a gigantic assignment for anyone to do. Be that as it may, Steven Ogg was capable, but at the same time was effective in conveying one of the most notable characters in GTA history, however the entirety of gaming.

Steven Ogg has had a broad vocation in acting with GTA V being his most famous work in computer games. Throughout the long term, Ogg has shown up in a few immense TV Shows and motion pictures, for example, Westworld, The Walking Dead, and Snowpiercer.

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