Highway 99 accident- Car accident on highway 99 today

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Highway 99 Closure

99 highway situated in Madera which is a city in California is now open after 24 hours today. 99 highway was closed due to fatal crash.

The two paths of northbound Highway 99 were shut down for around four hours Tuesday morning car accident on highway 99 today close Galt following an accident including a pickup truck and numerous tractor-trailers that left two individuals dead, as per the California Highway Patrol.

An impact including the pickup and three major apparatuses happened around 7 a.m. north of Ayers Lane in south Sacramento County, as per the CHP occurrence log. Northbound paths was shut to traffic until reviving just before 11 a.m.

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Highway 99 Accident

Two fatalities have been affirmed, CHP Valley Division representative Officer Mike Harris said.

The CHP, Caltrans, the Galt Police Department and fire staff reacted to the scene.

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RIP for all dead in the fatal crash on 99 Highway!

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