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Heather Heyer Obituary – Heather D. Heyer passed on defending what she had faith in.

Companions depicted her as an energetic supporter for the disappointed who was regularly moved to tears by the world’s treacheries. That feeling of conviction drove her to join demonstrators fighting a meeting of white patriots in Charlottesville, Va., on Saturday.

“We were simply walking near, spreading love — and afterward the mishap occurred,” a companion, Marissa Blair, said. “In a brief instant you see a vehicle, and you see bodies flying.”

The specialists said Ms. Heyer, 32, was executed when a vehicle driven by a man from Ohio blasted through the group.

“Heather was such a sweet soul, and she didn’t have the right to pass on,” Ms. Blair said on Sunday.

Others said Ms. Heyer, who lived in Charlottesville, stood up against disparity and asked colleagues to be dynamic in their locale.

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