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Erin Paul Obituary – Erin Paul was taken from us out of the blue on October 8, 2017. Erin was a young lady with a fast grin and a gigantic heart. Headed to help other people, she was comprehensive and strong – even with the little things. She was speedy with uplifting statements or an embrace.

Erin cradled difficult situations with humor and consistently battled for the longshot. She was profound and adored all, paying little heed to strict convictions. Life was never reasonable or simple for her, yet Erin dealt with elegance and empathy.

Erin’s first love was consistently music- – assorted types, and frequently noisy. To respect her memory and her energy, a grant store has been set up to help Shorewood High School Choir understudies.

Cash will be put beside this asset for a yearly honor to a senior in the ensemble program who epitomizes Erin’s soul. Furthermore, there is a quick requirement for help to help ensemble understudies take an interest in the current year’s excursion to New York City to perform at Carnegie Hall. Erin was initiating a push to bring assets for understudies up deprived to go on the outing, and your gifts will help carry that to realization

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