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Ellie Handa Car Accident – Soon after 12 PM on Saturday, February thirteenth, Ellie Handa encountered a groundbreaking occasion. Ellie was in a terrible fender bender that has changed her life for eternity. Subsequent to being reached by the Ohio State Medical Center mother and father went to clinical grounds to help our girl.

At the point when we showed up, after some disarray, we discovered “Injury Charlie”. Injury Charlie was the name in the PC framework that the ER gave Ellie in light of the fact that they didn’t have any acquaintance with her genuine name when she was gotten. Injury Charlie was at that point in a medical procedure when we showed up.

Ellie supported destroying wounds to numerous pieces of her body. She was hurried into a medical procedure to fix her neck, back, and spinal rope. Harm to her cerebrum is being checked intently.

Now, Ellie has lost her portable capacities (loss of motion) and stays in the ICU under close watch and on a ventilator. Ellie will need nonstop focus on the not so distant future with the desires to one day walk once more. Our hearts are broken for our Ellie.

Mother and father might want to thank everybody for the overflowing of help for her. The Team at Ohio State Medical Center has been incredible. This possesses been an exceptionally testing energy for our family, and we are as yet in stun and lamenting over the whole occasion. In the wake of seeing her wounds and assessing the mishap I can’t accept she is still with us. She is the hardest 17 your old I know! We are so glad for her! Keep after it Ellie!

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