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Did Rapper NBA YoungBoy Passed Away A month after rapper NBA YoungBoy was captured and arrested in Louisiana, a Facebook post dishonestly says the rapper was discovered dead in his prison cell.

The picture is a screen capture of an obvious news report, which peruses: “The universes greatest craftsman NBA YOUNGBOY who’s genuine name is Kentrell DeSeaun Gaulden was discovered dead in his cell recently.”

The picture was shared May 19, and it doesn’t offer any sources that verify the case.

USA TODAY connected with the banner for input.

Comparable reports about the rapper’s passing have been shared via online media previously, yet very much like this one, they are bogus.

Gaulden was not discovered dead in his cell, Greg Moroux, boss lawful insight at St. Martin Parish Sheriff’s Office, revealed to USA TODAY.

Gaulden was detained at the St. Martin Parish Correctional Center on April 13, where he’s as yet in care as of May 26, as indicated by the care record.

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