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Devon Davis Death – A SUV traveling east on 75th eased back as it passed Ellis Avenue where a couple dozen individuals had assembled after a shooting.

Devon Davis lay dead down the square however you were unable to see that from the SUV.

“Another person get murdered?” a more established man yelled out the SUV window to a gathering that had stared at him.

“Nah,” a lady said. “It’s a birthday celebration.”

A youngster close by expanded his arm out and balled his clench hand like a weapon. “Blast,” he said. “Blast.”

Davis’ demise before a little earthy colored home on Ellis Avenue, only south of 75th Street, was the police beat’s second daytime murder in seven days.

Two men leaped out of a SUV a week ago at 79th and Langley – only a couple blocks from where Davis fell – and began taking shots at a little group. One of the youngsters kicked the bucket. Police accept the shooting was in reprisal for a June 4 crime a street or two away (on a similar beat).

Only a couple officials monitored the calm yet packed scene Tuesday. Davis lay under a white sheet on the walkway for around three hours while examiners worked.

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