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Deborah Gail Moody Death – The GBI says a man carrying out a day to day existence punishment in jail for one homicide has admitted to a second.

Kenneth William Lumpkin told specialists he slaughtered Debora Gail Moody and shrouded her body. Examiners have not had the option to discover Moody’s remaining parts.

Lumpkin was captured in 2010 and conceded to slaughtering Lori Arrowood. He was condemned to existence without the chance for further appeal for that wrongdoing.

Testy had disappeared from her home in Long County in December 2007. Examiners started investigating potential associations among Lumpkin and Moody. They verified that the two knew one another however they didn’t have any proof connecting them together at the hour of Moody’s vanishing. In the a long time from that point forward, police talked with Lumpkin commonly, however he generally denied knowing the slightest bit about her vanishing.

The GBI says the Atlantic Judicial Circuit District Attorney offered Lumpkin an arrangement in the previous hardly any weeks. In return for data about Moody’s vanishing and the area of her remaining parts, Lumpkin was given from arraignment. Lumpkin acknowledged the arrangement and asserted that he choked Moody to death while attempting to explicitly attack her. He gave examiners an area of where to discover the body, however they couldn’t discover anything after a few pursuits.

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