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David Byck Obituary – Dr. David Boley Byck, 60, of Savannah passed on early Thursday morning at his home, with his family close by. He was the spouse of Dr. Peggy Lee Byck and the child of Ellen Rothschild Byck and David Amram Byck III, the entirety of Savannah.

David will be recalled by the numerous individuals that he contacted throughout an amazing span for his commitment and enthusiasm for his family and for being a regarded and committed individual from his clinical calling. David cherished Savannah, and he sacrificially gave his time, energy and unlimited eagerness to help make this city a superior spot. Those who knew him have innumerable recollections of David’s huge empathy, his devotion to continually making the best choice, and of his being a believed companion to so many.

David was conceived in Savannah on May 14, 1960. His folks gave him an early comprehension of the significance of being a functioning piece of the network and of attempting to improve the lives of others.

David moved on from the Savannah Country Day School in 1978. He at that point went to the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. We will all recollect David’s energy for the Tar Heels, including them winning the NCAA ball title during his senior year.

In the wake of moving on from UNC, David went to the Medical College of Georgia. At MCG, David met Peggy, and they wedded in 1986. After David and Peggy finished their clinical residencies in Birmingham, they moved to Savannah and started rehearsing medication at Memorial Health University Medical Center.

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