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Crystal Morrison missing – Crystal Morrison Deathy | Precious stone Morrison (31) has been absent since August 23rd, 2012. She was most recently seen at her work environment, Connextions Recruiting, in Concord, North Carolina. Precious stone had just been grinding away for about an hour prior to she told a collaborator she was not feeling great around 10:30 am. She strolled about of the structure around then, and called a companion and requested to be gotten. Nonetheless, by the time her companion appeared, Crystal was no more. She has never been seen or heard from again.

Gem left behind a 1-year-old child, which is unique to her. Her phone and ledgers have additionally been unused since her vanishing. It seems Crystal apparently evaporated like a phantom; there are not very many subtleties accessible about the examination and no people of revenue have been openly recognized. There is talk that Crystal was seen strolling towards a McDonald’s cafĂ© not long after she went home, anyway, this has never been affirmed.

Both the FBI and the Concord Police Department are exploring Crystal’s vanishing. In the event that you have any data that could prompt her whereabouts, if it’s not too much trouble, contact the Concord Police Department at 704-920-5000 or the CUE Center for Missing Persons at 910-343-1131.

In December 2019, an overview group working in a lush region close to the convergence of NC Highway 73 and Winecoff School Road spotted human remaining parts and cautioned police. The region had as of now recently been looked through twice all through the examination concerning Crystal’s vanishing. Examiners still up in the air Crystal’s reason for death, anyway certain reports have expressed that a private specialist employed by Crystal’s family accepts she kicked the bucket of normal causes. The case is as yet being examined and updates will be given.

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