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Cordell Richards Death – Together they beat, tormented, and consumed Air Force veteran Cordell Richards nearly to death before restoring the following day to polish him off with a meat blade.

In any case, while Ronald Bell and Kristel Maestas will probably kick the bucket in the slammer for the ‘unspeakable’ killing, the third individual from their abhorrent triplet is getting a charge out of an agreeable working-class life in a Florida suburb, can uncover.

Pastor’s child Bell and previous sweetheart Maestas were matured 17 and 16 separately when they captured and butchered Richards in the Panhandle city of Fort Walton Beach in February 1999.

Assistant Renee Lincks – attached dad of-two Richards to a tree and alternated in battering him with polished ash – at 15 years old.

Yet, while the more seasoned teenagers were sentenced for first-degree murder and imprisoned forever, Lincks had the option to argue no challenge to charges of homicide and bogus detainment as an end-result of affirming against them.

The greatest sentence was 15 years and Lincks would eventually serve only 12 of every a medium-security jail.

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