Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Reviews

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Calista Fauxblo Thermal Brush Reviews – Get that ideal salon victory without the problem of smothering your hair. The FAUXblo is an airless warmed round brush intended to make waves, twists, volume, and sparkle.


Warmed earthenware barrel – Emits far-infrared warmth that in a flash enters the hair

cortex and circulates cap rapidly and equitably, lessening styling time and danger of harm.

Ionic and Anti-Static Generator – Heated earthenware barrel produces harmful particles to help smooth hair, lessen frizz and static, and include beautiful sparkle.

Cool Tip – cool-to-contact when the unit is warmed to permit you to hold the tip of the brush to ease styling.

Warmth Resistant Handle-takes into account a cool-to-contact styling experience.

FAUXblo Teeth – Dual columns of delicately tipped teeth to make a no-tangle understanding.

FAUXblo Bristles – Heat safe and without tangle for simple styling.

The most effective method to USE

Use on dry hair as it were. Utilize warm defensive glove while styling. To accomplish volume, take a 2″ wide by 1″ thick segment. Over direct the section by immovably holding finishes of hair over-top the separated portion. With a glove on, place FAUXblo underneath the area of hair near the scalp. Next, brush out to closures and move back in near the scalp. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Delicately turn out and rehash on all segments. For a great victory, take a 2″ wide by 1″ thick section. With a glove on, hold the brush vertically to your head beginning near the root and skim 1″ down segment while pivoting ceaselessly from face 180°. Hold for 5 seconds and afterwards proceed down section gradually while ceaselessly turning the brush. Rehash until you get to the finishes of your hair. Rehash on all segments.

Highlights and INGREDIENTS

  • Warms to 365°F
  • Marker light
  • Force Light
  • Turn Cord
  • Double Voltage
  • Warm Protective Glove


Splash Day Off Dry Shampoo on second-day hair, altogether brush through, and afterwards style with the FAUXblo for a new victory – without the wash.

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