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Brian Buening Obituary – Brian Buening Death | 37-year old Brian Buening of Athens, Alabama committed suicide after he shot his child, Tate to death. Brian Buening and his child, Tate was discovered dead with shot wounds at their home on Blue Creek Drive in Harvest, Madison, Alabama, on Friday, August 6, 2021

Preceding the homicide self-destruction occurrence, Tate’s mom was in a legal dispute with Brian Buening to suspend him from visiting their 10-year-old child, for a very long time. Three days to the Court hearing, Brian killed his child at his Harvest home.

Tate Buening and his dad Brian Buening were discovered dead Friday at Brian Beuning’s Harvest home. The 10-year-old kid’s mom said on Facebook that she discovered her child’s body after a sheriff’s representative required a government assistance check wouldn’t enter the home to mind the kid saying it was an authority issue.

“It wasn’t about guardianship at this moment, yet his security,” Kayla Tate White said on Facebook. “As a result of him, I’m the one that discovered my child dead, with shot injuries… It’s a dream I can’t and will likely never escape.”The guilty party from the previous homicide self-destruction on Blue Creek Drive in Harvest was Brian Buening, 37 years of age, and the casualty was Tate Buening, 10 years of age. The guilty party was the dad. There could be no further subtleties to report right now.

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