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Braxton Taylor Obituary Milwaukee – MILWAUKEE — Seven individuals were shot and injured Wednesday in a clear hit and run assault outside a Milwaukee burial service home, the city’s chairman said.

Civic chairman Tom Barrett said each of the seven individuals was hit when an individual driving past the memorial service home started shooting. Acting Police Chief Michael Brunson said the entirety of the harmed are required to endure and were in stable condition Wednesday at a nearby emergency clinic.

The casualties included people, running in age from 24 to 48 years of age, Brunson said. He said police were all the while searching for a suspect and he requested the public’s assistance in distinguishing the shooter.

“This is illogical. This audacious demonstration done visible to everyone is only unsatisfactory in our city,” Brunson said.

Barrett called the shooting “a case of the madness we’re seeing” with the number of weapons on Milwaukee roads.

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