Beast Cards Scam – is it scam or legit ?

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Beast Cards Scam – The Beastcards or Beast Cards situated at, which professes to offer PlayStation, Xbox Live, Appstore iTunes, Amazon, Nintendo, Steam, and other gift vouchers, is a trick. The site fools guests into visiting spam sites which stunt them into purchasing undesirable administrations and uncovering individual and other delicate data. The site likewise diverts guests to a YouTube channel called Beast Cards that has no substance or recordings.

OK get 100 dollar gift voucher for Playstation or Steam through the Beast Cards YouTube Ad? Is it a genuine Mr Beast’s promotion?

With online tricks jumping up each day, we have assumed the liability of inspecting items, stores, sites e.t.c so as to spare you from settling on wrong choices.

Our Review of this Youtube Ad fills in as an eyeopener. We trust it meets you well, and on schedule.

On the off chance that you experience the connection to the, you would just be diverted to a Youtube channel that has no recordings. This shows it is a phony.

It appears somebody had made such deceptive promotion utilizing Mr Beast’s face just to constrain individuals to go to the channel that doesn’t have its own substance.

Truly you wouldn’t get 100 dollar gift voucher for Playstation or Steam.

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