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Azan Tefou Death – 90 Day Fiance fans blamed Nicole Nafziger for sharing misleading content on Instagram. The TLC star at long last confessed to doing it. This comes after she posted a photograph of her life partner Azan Tefou (genuine name Hassan M’Raouni) with the words “Tear.” Understandably, this drove fans to accept that the Moroccan man died.

Obviously, the post infuriated fans on her Instagram account. Maybe she was downplaying his alleged demise. In any case, this isn’t the first occasion when that Nicole has posted misleading content via online media. In any case, she confessed to posting misleading content. What’s more, she sort of uncovered why she does it to such an extent.

According to Screen Rant, the 90 Day Fiance star wants to post misleading content on her Instagram Stories. This is disappointing for adherents who go to her page to get refreshes on her life. This time, Nicole took to her Stories to a post a photograph of herself with Azan with the hashtag #RIP. The post stunned devotees.

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