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Andrew Ariegwe Obituary – Cause of Death | Passed Away | A judge who refused to compromise with agitators in 2011 and was nicknamed “Mr. Big” after his bank erroneously associated him with illegal tax avoidance

The lethal shooting of Mark Duggan by cops in north London on August 4, 2011, started the absolute most inescapable series of public problems in late British history. After an exhibit outside Tottenham police headquarters had slipped into viciousness, riots cleared across London and a few different urban communities. In Manchester and Salford police went to 719 occurrences in a day and a half.

The focal point of the issue was plundering and fire-related crime. Altogether 155 flames were accounted for, and firemen and cops went under-supported assault, with 20 of them harmed. Harm was caused to 147 premises and the expense of fix ran into a large number of pounds. The public requested serious punishments for wrongdoers and HHJ Gilbart, QC, the privileged recorder of Manchester, was prepared to react.

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